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Power cuts, rising bills and, in some cases, no electricity at all. From big cities to remote villages, every home today is facing at least one of these challenges. At BhavyaBharat, we have an array of solar lighting, heating and power backup products that are reliable, affordable and green. Tried, tested and trusted for over two decades, our products assure great value for money. Engineered for efficiency BhavyaBharat offers you the best of cutting-edge solar power technology.

The abiding force behind BhavyaBharat Solar Power is the desire for India to be energy sufficient, and to harness a clean, renewable energy for economic growth. This motto has led to the development of a host of indigenous renewable energy products like solar water heaters,

LED lights and solar inverters. BhavyaBharat is committed to provide all these Solar Energy products for affordable prices and easily available in many corners of the country.

Our target list of customers is endless, all the way from the Solar enthusiasts in cities who want to build their own micro power plant with least effort to the poor fishermen who need to spend whole nights in the sea with a very reliable source of lighting.

Join hands with us in spreading this great cause.

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