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For those wishing to travel abroad for a holiday, for business or any other reason, they have the option of availing an international debit card from their bank before setting out on their travels. Availing an international debit card come with its perks as with a domestic debit card, the customer will have to spend quite a bit just on withdrawal and transaction charges. Keeping that in mind, having an international debit card lowers such costs, and travellers have to just pay a nominal cost for currency conversion and foreign transaction fees. Apart from the usual international debit cards, customers also have the option of availing a prepaid card from their bank. This has numerous benefits, one being that the customer travelling abroad can stick to a budget – just the amount that has been loaded on the card – and secondly it enhances the security of the finances of the traveller. By using a prepaid card for international travels, the customer does not need to carry physical cash around, eliminating the possibility of losing the cash or it getting stolen, and reduces the chances of the card being skimmed – a prevalent problem in countries abroad, with travellers most often being the victims of such fraudulent techniques. That said, for those wishing to travel abroad and are considering opting to use a prepaid card on their international travel, we’ve listed out a few advantages to help you consider the option.

The Merchant will also have a low-cost option of accepting payment card using a Mobile POS.

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