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Visiting a foreign country is a dream come true for any person in India. To make this happen, you need a passport. Passport is an identity of your nationality that lets the officials of the other countries know who you are and that you are permitted to visit a particular country.

Applying for a passport is not a rocket science. Firstly, you need to fill a form having personal details relevant and make the payment according to the size of passport book you choose to have. The entire process can take time or you can also get it quickly if you pay more or get it done through an agent. Once the payment is done, a meeting for filling the form with the passport officials will be scheduled at the center.

There, you will need to give your fingerprints, your picture will be taken by the officials and the relevant documents will be submitted. Once all of this is done and verification is complete, within a time period of 15 days, you will verified by the police. Afterwards, if your records are clean, a passport will be dispatched at your doorstep.

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