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In India, one can apply for a driving license once they have reached the age of 18 years. It is required for operating a motor vehicle.

Firstly, you are issued with a learning license which expires after 6 months. After the first month, you are eligible to give the driving test to the government officials who would judge you based on your skills by making you drive a specific vehicle.

In order to give a test drive, you need to fill a form and get a health check-up done as it is done to determine whether you are eligible to drive or not. You can fill the form through our application and rest of the formalities can be done at the center itself. Once you fill the form, the date for the test would be provided to you and all you need to do is visit the center and give a test and on the basis of your performance you will issued a license for driving and when you pass the final test you will get a permanent license for driving different types of vehicles.

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