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Voter ID

You don’t have to stand in long queues or visit dusty government offices for a voter ID card; you can now get it with a few clicks of the mouse.The Election Commission of India has started online registration of voters. What's more, you can even change your demographic details online. If you face any kind of trouble or need assistance with this BhavyaBharat’s expert agents are willing to help you fill the form and upload the required documents.

All it takes is just ten minutes on the internet to fill a form and a home visit by an election commission representative to verify the details submitted for registration.Once this is done, you would receive your voter’s identity card at your home within a short time.

It is the only system in India where one can get an identity card without visiting a government office. “In the normal course, a citizen will not be required to visit a government office. Only if someone objects to a person’s claim for becoming a voter, he or she will have to visit the office of the electoral officer,” said Deputy Election Commissioner Alok Shukla.


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