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Driving Licence

At BhavyaBharat our VPOs will help you to obtain a Learner Licence, obtain a Duplicate Learner Licence, Driving Licence, Duplicate Driving Licence, Renew Driving Licence, Add Another Class of Vehicle in Existing Driving Licence, Conductor Licence, Renew Conductor Licence, Change of Address in Driving Licence / Learner Licence / Conductor Licence, obtain International Driving Permit, Driving Licence for persons holding Foreign Driving Licence.

Documents Needed To Get Learner Licence

1. Three recent passport size photographs required.
2. Proof of address:(to produce any one of the following)
3. Proof of Age: (to produce any one of the following)

Documents Required To Obtain Driving Licence

1. Valid learner’s licence
2. Documents of vehicle in which applicant proposes to appear for test of competence to drive(such as Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, Pollution under Control Certificate, Fitness Certificate in case of Transport Vehicle).
3. In case of transport vehicle,certificate in form CMV 5 issued by Driving Training School.
4. If applicant's age is 40 years and above, Medical certificate in form CMV 1 and CMV 1A have to be produced.

Documents Required To Get Conductor's Licence :

1. Medical Certificate in form KMV 13.
2. Three recent passport size photographs
3. Certificate for having passed SSLC or equivalent examination.
4. Character Certificate issued by School/College/MLA/MP/Gazetted Officers.
5. First Aid Certificate issued by St. John’s Ambulance Association of India.
6. Working knowledge of the language of the area in which he intends to work
7. Address Proof (Any of the following):

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