BhavyaBharat (BB) One Stop Digital Solutions scheme is one of the mission mode projects under the Digital India Programme.

By growing a wide employee network, BhavyaBharat aims to improve the availability and performance of services to the remotest locations in the region. The company operates in various service segments, BhavyaBharat’s vision is to make every basic and essential service availability to every citizen of the region in a highly cost effective, ethical, reliable and easy manner.

BhavyaBharat Honored with POWER ICONS 2020 Times Of India award for Excellence In Diversified  Entrepreneurship.

Govt Services

Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, … the existing Government bodies

G2C Services

Various G2C services such as Certificates – Birth, Caste, Income, Marriage, Character etc can be availed online.

VAS Services

value-added service (VAS) is a popular telecommunications industry term for non-core services, or, in short,

Banking Services

Banks are a subset of the financial services industry. A banking system is also referred as a system which offers cash management services for customers

Travel Services

Backed by years of specialization in tourism industry, we offer various tours and travel related services

BhavyaBharat - Vision and Mission

Promoting digital services all over india

Bhavyabharat aims to provide digital services all over india. especial rural india.

Self employment

Bhavyabharat aims to create employment opportunity for peoples of india

35 + Online services

By providing digital services for vendors on % basis with fixed income

Increase revenue for our beloved vendors

By providing quality of services and support for clients, make them to make profit

Creating every essential services to public

BhavyaBharat’s mission is to make every basic and essential service availability to every citizen of the region

Digitizing our india from our clients

BhavyaBharat updates existing systems with emerging software/hardware products, high-quality services, and ongoing support.

Clients & Testimonials

Karthik kumar

BhavyaBharat B2B Enterprises

I have been using BhavyaBharat app for last 3 years now and the service they provide is very good, the support team is very helpful. I would strongly suggest everyone to use this great app for betterment of India.

Sathish DH

Proprietor  – Gramina Seva Digital Center
It is a great initiative and will be very useful for millions of rural people across India. Great work by BhavyaBharat Company for their hard work. Bringing Digital India to rural India is a very big and tough job and you guys should get support and wishes from everyone.

Sabha Begam

Proprietor – Digiworld Communications
This is a beautifully thought idea. Providing employment to rural people as well as giving services to village people is like 2 birds in one shot, all the best BhavyaBharat, keep up the great work. Please add more and more services in your app in the coming days.

BhavyaBharat - One Stop Digital Solutions

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